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Return to work after COVID-19 lockdown

Hi again!

Thanks for dropping by to read this. This is a difficult post because on the day of writing this, I am expected back into the gym in 2 weeks’ time, with no real idea of what is going to happen and how well it is going to work.

Any clients or gym users that do feel more relaxed to come into the gym, Pump staff and myself will be doing everything we can to make the return as safe as possible. We will be maintaining an effective workout when you are in the gym and this is very important.

I am that guy that likes to put the good news out there first, so let me start with that. This is a combination of what Pump Gym and I have in place.

The Gym – What We Know!

* Personal Training sessions will go ahead with your trainer being in guidelines of the government of the 2 metre social distancing, wiping all the kit before and after use.

* New antibacterial foam soap is going to be provided in the toilets and changing rooms, and this will be updated on a regular basis, so no worries of this running out.

* Cleaning and sanitiser stations will be placed around the gym. Pump staff will be having regular wipe downs of the high traffic areas.

* Daily fogging kits are to be used to ensure nothing is missed, to keep everyone safe!

The Gym – What We DON’T Know!

* If there will be a restriction in the time frame you’ll be able to use the gym for.

* If the 24/7 gyms will be able to maintain these opening hours.

* If there will be any kind of ‘one-way’ system in place.

These points have been raised, and changes in will be put in place as the government offers further information to the gyms re-opening.

I‘d also like to say these unknowns are as much of a worry for the staff as they will be doing he members.

Me & My Sessions - What I Know!

Sessions will be going ahead under the conditions I’ve put down below:

* PPE will be worn (gloves, mouth and nose mask, and a clear face shield).

* I’ll be carrying my own spray and wipes to ensure the sessions are not interrupted by finding or waiting for spray to be returned or finished being used.

* The treatment room will be wiped down between any clients that come in, then a deep clean at the end of every day.

Me & My Sessions - What I DON’T Know!

* If clients will be asked to wear a mask. I feel that this is likely to happen, I’m just unsure how this will work

* My hours - trying to accommodate as many of the clients as possible is key. Some are still unsure on an instant return and would prefer to stay in the fresh air at a park. I need to find a balance here.

At the time of this post, there has been no updates about home visits. While we have become very happy with the use of outdoor spaces, a private home gym is no different to a public gym, apart from the amount of traffic. I am hoping there is an update soon about this so I can get everything sorted before the official day.

I am sure this list be updated and changed of the next 2 weeks, but the questions people want answering, hopefully this is helping you feel at ease about coming back.

For any of my sessions to go ahead, I am setting out some terms and conditions that will need to be followed.

* Clients must have followed the government guidelines throughout lockdown. Following the social distancing measures, household meet ups (This is not something I can be sure you have been doing, but this is up to you to keep yourself and others safe).

* Personal PPE and antibacterial gel should be used where possible. I’ll be looking to provide these for a short period, but in the long term, you will need to bring your own.

* Not had any COVID-19 symptoms for a minimum of 2 weeks. I will check your temperature before the session. If this is too high, I will have to re-arrange your appointment, again for yours and others safety.

I understand that this could have caused more questions than before, but hopefully some reassurance that sessions under my supervision and following the guidelines will help you feel more comfortable when coming back.

If you do have specific questions you would like to ask me, please let me know and I can help as much as I can.



Ben Stewart Fitness & Therapy

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